Spanish Tapas

Everything About Spanish Tapas - And More!

From tapas origins and history, to recipes, ingredients and methods.

Wherever you live, Spanish tapas will give you a tasty little mouthful of the real Spain without having to jump on an aeroplane to enjoy it. You can bring a little Spanish sunshine right into your own home - right now!

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What are Tapas?

spanish tapas introIn its most basic form tapas are simply a small snack or appetiser taken with a drink or two at lunchtime, or in the early evening before the main meal.

It is essentially a style of eating rather than a form of cooking. Tapas means sociability, friends and family.

Throughout the world, Spanish tapas has become a popular and healthy addition to the many food styles available to us today.


Recipes & Ingredients

spanish tapas recipes & ingredientsTapas recipes are as varied and interesting as the people who invented them. Here we'll look at what to buy, where to buy it, and how to prepare it.

If you don't have a specific ingredient don't get too uptight about it, just use something else - your friends will still love you for it!

The wonderful thing about tapas is that it's food from the heart, to be enjoyed with friends.


Tapas Recipes Ebook

tapas recipe bookAvailable on Kindle, ePub or PDF, all of which are instantly downloadable to the reader of your choice.

You could be trying out a recipe or two within ten minutes!

Here you will find 32 of the best traditional recipes found in bars all over Spain.