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The Denominaciónes de Origen of Serrano and Ibérico ham

There are only 5 Serrano ham regions which are awarded the title ‘Denominación de Origen’ and any ham which bears this mark will certainly be a certified good quality ham.

These regions are:

  • Jamón de la Dehesa de Extremadura
  • Jamón de Guijuelo
  • Jamón de Huelva
  • Jamón de Los Pedroches
  • Jamón de Teruel

The most famous village specializing in the production of Iberian Ham is Jabugo, which is part of the area of the Denominación de Origen of Huelva. Jabugo is a privileged area that allows its pigs to roam freely in the pastures among the holm oaks and cork trees while it feeds on the acorns, herbs and foliage that give it its unique taste.

However, just because a ham has a Denominación de Origen mark it doesn’t mean that it’s their top quality ‘Bellota’ ham. All the Denominacións make various qualities of ham so make sure you read the description or label before you buy.

Please also bear in mind that you can get excellent quality hams from regions that don’t have the Denominación de Origen mark. These hams are generally cheaper so it’s worth considering buying one of their ‘Bellota’ hams instead of a lower quality Denominación de Origen ham.

Once you have bought your ham, you will need to look after it and carve it properly to appreciate it at its very best.

Choosing and buying your ham

Storing, carving and eating your ham

Feeding and breeding of the ham

Curing and maturing of the ham

Serrano ham and health

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