Spanish Tapas

Serrano Ham and Jamón Iberico

There are not many hams more highly-regarded in the gourmet world than dry-cured serrano ham.

serrano hamsSerrano ham is traditionally served as tapas but can also be used for cooking in any number of delicious recipes.

Although it is, quite rightly, regarded as one of life’s rare delicacies, jamón serrano is a normal part of everyday life in many homes here.

There you will find it in a prominent place, with its knife conveniently placed, just asking to be carved and eaten.

The idea being that you take a few small slices as you pass by for a tasty tapas treat, as and when the fancy takes you.

Make no mistake, the best hams are expensive, but you don’t eat it like a McDonalds, you savour it in small bites of blissful indulgence.

Salting and then dry-curing for 1 to 4 years gives it its characteristic deep, rich flavour and its firm texture.

The nearest thing to it has to be Parma ham from Italy but, with the greatest respect to the fine producers of that country, prosciutto doesn’t come near serrano ham for sheer, mouth-watering flavour.

In my own humble opinion, of course!

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