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Spanish tapas home

Tapas introduction

Origins and history

Regions of Spain

Tapas recipes - intro and overview

Tapas recipe selection

Tapas recipe book - 32 of the best classic Spanish tapas recipes

Tapas ingredients - basic store-cupboard items

Olives - history, types and sizes

Olive production, harvesting and processing

Olive oil - types and qualities

Choosing, tasting and storing

Processing of the oils

Denominaciones de Origen

Olive oil and your health

Serrano ham - intro

Choosing and buying your ham

Storing and carving the ham

Denominaciones de Origen

Feeding and breeding of the pigs

Curing and maturing of the ham

Serrano ham and your health

Chorizo - sausage sensations!

Manchego - the cheese of La Mancha

Paella - Spanish rice tradition in a large pan.

Sherry - intro

The types of sherry

Serving and storing your sherry

Spanish wine - intro

Types, qualities and regions

Speak Spanish - intro

The basics of Spanish

Spanish in the tapas bar

Articles - on Spanish food and lifestyle

The Spanish flag

Churros and chocolate

Christmas in Spain

Overseas real estate scam

Costa del Sol - Europe's hot spot

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