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Spanish Tapas Book - The Traditional Recipes

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There are hundreds of so-called 'tapas' recipe books out there, but many of them seem to be just random collections of recipes for small appetisers and starters. To my mind this is not Proper Spanish Tapas, but then I'm a bit of a traditionalist at heart.

So I thought I would put together a collection of some of the classic tapas dishes as served by Spanish people, to Spanish people, in Spain.

And, to make it a no-brainer, I also thought I would price it at a price everyone can afford.

This book concentrates solely on the traditional Spanish tapas which are found in bars all over Spain.

Here you will find 32 of the best classic recipes, divided into four sections. See a list of the full contents by clicking the blue button below.

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  • Introduction

  • Ingredients

  • Egg and Cheese Recipes

    • Manchego cheese
      Tortilla de Patatas (Spanish Omelette)
      Mediterranean eggs
      Huevos revueltos con jamon (scrambled eggs & serrano ham)
  • Fish Recipes

    • Boquerones al vinagre (Anchovies in Vinegar)
      Boquerones fritos (Fried anchovies)
      Calamares Fritos (Fried Squid)
      Gambas al ajillo (Garlic prawns)
      Gambas pil-pil (Chilli & garlic prawns)
      Ensalada de atun y huevos (Tuna and egg salad)
      Pimiento asado y atun (Tuna and roasted red pepper)
      Atun y aceitunas con pan (Tuna and olive tapenade crostini)
      Buñuelos de bacalao (Salt cod fritters)
      Almejas con vino blanco (Clams with white wine)
  • Meat Recipes

    • Jamón Serrano & Ibérico
      Jamón Serrano with Almonds
      Jamón, tomate y ajo con pan (ham, tomato and garlic bruschetta)
      Jamón y queso tostadas (grilled serrano ham and manchego cheese bruschetta)
      Albóndigas (Meatballs in spicy tomato sauce)
      Croquetas de Jamón (Serrano ham croquettes)
      Empanadas de Cerdo (pies of pork!)
      Garbanzos y chorizo (Chickpeas and chorizo)
  • Vegetable Recipes

    • Olives a la Sevillana
      Chilli Olives
      Patatas Bravas (Crispy potatoes in a spicy tomato sauce)
      Ensalada rusa (Russian salad)
      Croquetas (croquettes)
      Champiñones al ajillo (garlic mushrooms)
      Champiñones al pimienta (peppered mushrooms)
      Almendras (fried almonds
      Roasted Spicy Almonds
      Deep-fried Aubergine with honey
  • Origins & Regions

  • About the author

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